One of today’s properties reminds me of grandma’s house.  Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE the price, the double garage and the bungalow on the huge lot.  But I’ve been in enough grandma homes to notice a very common trend.  I’ll share a fun fact that may (or may not) make you look forward to getting older.  It’s science, don’t blame the messenger!  🙂

There’s a couple of homes in today’s episode that really reinforce the art of pricing.  Your price bracket really matters.  One of today’s homes probably loses half of their buyers by being just over a price bracket, and another one will probably sell for MORE than asking because they’re below.  And there are two homes right across the road from each other, both with huge lots, around the $400k mark.

I’ll show you something every landlord loves on Woodward, and why Milton is a great place to live, but not the ideal place to buy an investment property.

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