I didn’t get on camera today because I’m putting the final touches on a new “search” site that I’m hoping will be the new destination to search for homes – it works great on all devices, and we’re just ironing out the kinks.

Oh and I also have to write a response to the real estate board because an agent seems to be attacking me for what I said on a video.  Been there, done that.  I think the spirit on Daily Homes is not to be vindictive, but rather constructive and educational.

Funniest part… the client emailed me and said I was correct.  🙂  Anyway…

If you’re searching under $500k, then I think the homes on Willett and 316 Fasken are both great options.

And if you have no use for your bedroom closet, then perhaps you can take a hint from the bed position on Solomon.  Now THAT’S what I call staging to sell!

I’ve been in the home on Haws, and I find the family room to be really small.  The fireplace is nice, but it also limits your options for furniture arrangement.

Gowland backs onto a ravine, and even though the house needs work I believe they chose a good price.  They took offers last night, not sure if it’s sold by now or not.  It’s easily one of my favourite streets, and we helped two clients move there last year.  We’re slowly taking over the street, one new family at a time!

Surprising to see no photos of the interior on Schreyer.  The lot is even better than the older neighbourhoods, but it’s only 2051 sq.ft.  Without a finished basement, I’m guessing they’re adding a good $30-60k for the yard.  If the house is good inside, it has a shot at this price for sure.

And imagine that.  Another listing on Inglis.  For high-$1.2 million.  That’s four in the last week.  In a market that traditionally doesn’t move very quickly.  I wouldn’t want to be any of those, no matter how nice they all are.

Indoor pool AND views from the Escarpment on Appleby?  That is a dream right there.  House needs some updating, but it could really be something special, and it’s very close to town.

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