Call me old fashioned, but this whole “waterfall” countertop thing seems a little silly. Except for when the pattern in your countertop looks like Roger Daltrey. Then I approve!

If that sounds confusing, check out the home on White in today’s list.

Both Duncan and Burrows belong to the “under $450k club”, which is slowly becoming more and more rare. I definitely think that Burrows has the edge by not facing the train tracks. And be sure to check out the LEGO flowers… there were no inside pics so I couldn’t resist. 🙂

A couple of solid choices in the older area, but you’ll need a budget of $650k+. Watch out for what could be developed behind the home on Childs. Here’s a link to a document about the Milton Intensification Zones.  Check out the map on page 16 and 34.

We’re also going to talk about holding back on offers, and why two days may not allow for maximum exposure. There are so many moving parts on a listing, and giving yourself time over a weekend might get you more interest. My minimum for holding back is three to four days. Five or six can also work well if executed properly. Call us if you want to know more about the best way to put top dollar in your pocket by unleashing a fury of marketing worthy of the best Pete Townsend guitar windmill!

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