Only ten properties today?? What’s going on out there?

I think it all goes back to my theory that this market is starting to balance itself out a little bit. There are still a few brutal price ranges as far as competition goes, but the buyers are still out there, and more seem to be jumping in everyday once they realize the water is still warm, just not scalding hot like it was.

So today I’m going to delve deep into the depths of the “broker comments” that I can see, but most members of the public cannot see. On Herman Way, we’ll see confusing messages about offers being anytime, but they’re holding back, but they can take an offer anytime they want and they don’t need to tell anybody.

I look at that message and it smells funny to me. Being clear about how you’ll handle things saves a lot of time and energy, and often leads to a better result for your client.

And despite how a handful of agents handle themselves, we REALLY are there to do what’s in our clients’ best interests at ALL times, legally and ethically.

And how would you like to back onto Steeles? What if I told you that you could get a backyard that’s 20% larger than your neighbours across the road… with an inground pool?

Or how about backing onto a park that is not, in fact, “Dorset Park“? See what I mean in the video.

Oh, and here’s the GIS map that I use in many of our episodes. You can see very clearly the exact location of a property on a street, because Google Maps sometimes gets it wrong.