We’re back with a video, I did my best to fight through my cold.  Yesterday I spent most of the day checking emails in bed.

So I like this list, especially some of the ones in the beginning, like Attenborough and definitely the cute bungalow on Fulton.  What a great alternative for someone who doesn’t want condo living.  I think about grandparents who want to be closer to their grandkids in Milton… this to me is the ideal place.  Plus, we’ll talk about one of the most dangerous types of condos to buy (and why), and there are two bonus listings from the “other” real estate board.

Tomorrow’s Buyer Class looks like it will be a fantastic time… it’s probably a little late to register, but perhaps next time if you didn’t get in for this one.  Have a super duper weekend, and another sincere thank you for stopping by our site.  I know there are millions of websites, and it’s an honour that you choose to visit ours.