Well, it’s official.  I checked one real estate board, and there were three listings that weren’t on the other board.  Yeesh!  But we’ll hopefully get this stuff to you faster than the public sites, which can take 1-3 days to pick up the listings.  Plus, we’ll interpret the information and help you learn about what to look for.

Today we’ve got the lowest priced townhouse in Milton (and why it occupies that position), we’ll share some information about baseboard heating, and one of today’s homes demonstrates how you can ensure buyers will notice your lack of kitchen storage space (by hanging pots and pans from your ceiling).  This is not a cottage, and pots and pans have no place at eye level or above, hanging from hooks no less.  One of the other homes in the list might take a hit for having no grass in the yard, but I think it’s a terrific home.  A handful of winners here – including Gifford, Stevenson, Scott and Cunningham, to name a few.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for watching!

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