I really think that the home on Baverstock represents great value to someone who is willing to see the potential.  Sometimes people forget how lucrative fixing a home can be.  If you can spend $1,000 to make $10,000, would you do it?  Well, let me ask you this… How is your RRSP doing?

Even Warren Buffett, considered to be the world’s greatest investor, only makes about a 20% return on investment per year.  Meaning that if he has $100 at the start of the year, he is at $120 by the same date next year.  The leverage that you can create by fixing a home up can be amazing.  Especially if you are smart about it.  There’s some okay stuff today, but besides the Baverstock one and another good opportunity on Holly (the lower priced one), it’s all just okay… at least to me.  I haven’t had one that’s blown me away in a while… what about you?  Cross our fingers for tomorrow!

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