Two very special things are happening today. Today marks the FIVE YEAR anniversary of Milton Daily Homes, and we gave ourselves a present … A new home! (how fitting!)

That’s more than 1,000 episodes, and 485,000+ visitors. More than 7,500 hours of video watched, and nearly 10 million emails sent out. Wow.

Hope you like the look of the new site… it’s taken quite a while to get through. We got rid of the ugly password page with the auto-start video, and now your device should save your password and automatically give you access. Plus, it looks a little better on a phone and tablet. If you see any glitches, let me know.

Today we’ve got a bank sale, and a couple of good deals in the low-$400’s on Thompson and Woodlawn. There are 21 properties in total.

Today is so much fun, we break out our favourite dance (be sure to watch the end of the video!)