Yup … that’s what we do here. And thanks to Ruckusmaker Day (which is today and what would have been Steve Jobs’ 60th birthday) … you can too! 😉  We all have something to say, something we want to change … so do it.  Today is your day.

I compare two Costigan condos and one of them must surely contain an error. There’s no way you can fit everything they have in less than 800 square feet. Also, do you have blown insulation in your home? Well, Beaver Court does, and it’s a great location in the Timberlea neighbourhood.

There are things you can change and things you can’t change in any house. One of them is location. And Van Fleet has some nice greenspace behind it. If butterscotch stucco is your thing, then check out Dice way, and finally there’s a house on Moorelands for $575k that has huge upside potential, and it’s one of the best streets in town. Go ahead and make some ruckus…


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