Whenever I hear the street name, “Mortimer Crescent”, I think of the Robert Munsch classic. We get into details about historical sale prices of the model and why one high sale + current market scarcity could equal good news for the seller.

Featherstone and Tupper are missing pictures at the time of production, but both look like really good deals if they look nice. And I love the loft space at the top of the house on Wettlaufer … it’s like a basement on top! That one easily wins the best pick of the day, with bonus greenspace behind.

There are some impressive mansions on Trafalgar and the last home on the list is no exception. But at that price do you think you could get something by the water, or even closer to Toronto? Your options widen tremendously when you cross $2 million.

Clang, clang, rattle bing bang, gonna make my noise all day. I’m off to Florida for a conference, so the team will be handling the next few episodes by email.

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