I don’t know where Annette found those creepy sock puppets on the fence, but it was there to show how you probably don’t want nosy neighbours checking you out in your best Speedo. There are three homes with pools today, but none of them are very private.

I also talk about the return-on-investment of a pool versus re-doing hardwood flooring or a kitchen. Have questions about things to do in your home with the biggest “bang for the buck”? Email or call us to have a Room by Room Review.

Caution: We are much better at telling you if painting a wall will put money back in your pocket. If you want to know what colour to paint the wall, that’s Liane’s job (Liane does our interior design work).

And be careful of low sticker prices with extra fees attached. I’ll show you why one seemingly low price may be like paying almost $20,000 more for the house when you look at monthly cost.

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