Today we’re going to break down the best places to put a listing in order to receive the most attention. If an MLS number starts with a “W” or a “2” or an “H”, I’ll explain what that means to you as a buyer or a seller.

The guys on Ferguson knew what to do so that they would be in front of the largest audience for their listing, even though the agents are more than an hour away.

And don’t miss the story about the semi-detached home playing games with their price. If nobody is offering you X for a home (where X represents your asking price), the solution is probably not to raise it to X plus $5000.

And of course, we go into detail on that amazing new listing on Malick. I will be doing an open house, which is a rare public appearance for me, on Sunday from 2 to 4 PM. ¬†Here’s the map to get there, and here’s more information about the home.

And we finish today’s episode with a monster 10,000 square foot home on 20 acres with a tennis court and a hockey rink… their guest house might be better than most houses I see on a daily basis!

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