The two schools of thought when most people buy a home are:  1)  let’s not do anything until we’re absolutely ready, or 2)  let’s gather as much information as we can, early, so we can be prepared.  In today’s video, I talk about the pros and cons of each, and why I believe one is better than the other.  You can probably guess which one I’ll recommend… but what I hear most often is that most people don’t want to waste their time, or mine.  Which is very fascinating to me, because if you think about how long it takes to see 3-4 homes (not to buy, but to see what they look like), plus working through the costs and steps to take… let’s say it’s two hours.  The chances of being safe, of learning a lot of information that will help save time and money… I just think it’s a great thing to do, especially with one of the largest decisions of your life.

So if you want to come by and meet, or go on a tour (we do them seven days a week), or come to our next class, just click the boxes on the right.  Or if you want to hold off, that’s a perfectly great choice too.  But just know that it’s never a waste of time to be prepared.

Plus – a nice townhouse to start us off, and then an old Milton 4-bed double garage in the mid-$400’s (sound the alarm – this has hot property written all over it!), plus a house with a secret ravine behind it.  🙂   Eight properties today – enjoy!