The home on Asleton is a good example of what NOT to do with your lighting… if I feel compelled to “count stars” instead of look at the home, there’s a bit of a problem.

And be careful on Maple. Having a seller doing any kind of work for you is dangerous, because the quality control can be missing. A better approach? Knock the money off the price and do your own work. Also, watch the size of the second bedroom, it’s definitely on the small side (and most listings classify this floor plan as a one-bedroom plus a den, not a two-bedroom).

Boastful comments on Bronte can be a turn-off… and so can the lack of pictures. 🙂 But it can still carry for less than a freehold home, even with a few hundred dollars in condo fees.

Feels good to be back. I think I was a little burnt from doing more than six years straight of videos. Fresh perspective and energy after a vacation is definitely good.

Here’s the link for the two homes on the Oakville-Milton MLS, and here’s the link to register for Saturday’s Milton Buyer Class.  I’ll tell you more about the class in the first few minutes of the episode.

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