Vacation was fun, but as soon as I came back things fired back up.

Had a showing where we couldn’t see the house because of a crazy son and his protective mother (it was straight out of Stephen King), plus some great meetings lined up with high school friends and past clients, and an offer tonight for two of the very first subscribers to our blog, back when it was called Milton MarketWatch and we used to MAIL listings…

You heard that right – with a stamp.  We rolled deep back in 2005.  🙂

The green button will give you the listings since Friday… and I haven’t even LOOKED at anything while I was gone.

The best pick in this list, to me, is 688 Roseheath.  It’s linked by the basement, but it’s functionally detached.  These homes are deceiving because they have a TON of living space spread over five levels.  Offers are tonight…

Excited to be back, although I didn’t have a chance to do a video today.  But everyday I write the book like Elvis Costello.  If you’ve never heard his music, check it out… he’s fantastic.

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