I miss doing these videos… so without any fancy editing, today’s episode is just me sitting in front of the computer talking about the houses.  In my spare bedroom, with luggage behind.

By the way… you might argue that none of our editing is very fancy to begin with, and you could be right.

But there are no zooms, and no breaks, and I pretty much look at everything today, just scrolling and chatting.

That was actually our vision for when we created Milton Daily Homes – to use videos as if we were sitting right beside you, talking about all the new listings.

From $1.2 million dollar 100 year-old homes with renovations and no photos, to townhouses listed $50,000 less than recent sales, we’ll break down the facts like we always do… with a dash of bitterness towards lack of effort and poor photos, and a sprig of wisdom from seeing more than 50,000 properties online and more than 10,000 in person.

Now it’s time to take a real break for a week, and enjoy some sun and sand with the family. Enjoy, and we’ll be back on Monday, July 18th.

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