1479 Maple is priced a bit higher than yesterday’s “two bedroom” for a smaller unit on the first floor. The winner is obvious. Oh and today’s listing shows the first non-creepy photo I’ve ever seen of the car wash station.

And there must be a good reason for Jelinek to sell with a Tenant inside – because it’s like fighting with both hands tied behind your back.  Instead of appealing to the entire market, you’re only appealing to investors or people who want to move in WAY into the future (most of whom may not even be looking in the resale market).

Plus, I’ll give you the rules about kicking Tenants out, and I’ll also show you why this home is an absolutely brutal choice for a cash-flow positive investment property.  Which crosses out most investors as an option.

McDermott has a better layout than Hanson, even though it’s a bit smaller. It’s not the size that matters, right?

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