It’s a triple “Brennan” day, with three of the same model for sale… which would should you choose?  Might be the less expensive one, but I have a feeling it’s the middle.  It was also called the “Amesbury” in the past… here’s the floor plan.

My favourite of the day is the Maquire home with 2400 square feet and a finished basement.  The floor plan is a little more unique and different, and we find they are popular choices if the finishes are done well.  Another favourite is the Royal Fern on Kelman Court… it’s a layout that can really grow on you.  Hope you enjoy today’s episode, and we’re back again in less than 24 hours!

Also, this is a good article by my lawyer friend Mark Weisleder.  The best agents I’ve worked with do all of these 5 things.  The worst probably do 1 or 2 on a good day.  🙂

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