When we look at the different locations in town, there are a few “layers” or “lenses” that we need to look through.  First, is the zoning map.  Then, if you’re curious about what you can do in particular zones, you can review the zoning by-law.  And certain areas to the north and west of Milton are under the jurisdiction of the Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC), which is a branch of the Ministry of Natural Resources.  They have exclusive say over what can and can’t be done on the land within their territory.  Oh, and this is the best map to find out exactly where a home is located.

In the meantime we’ve got a home on one of the Top 10 streets in the 905 region, according to Christopher Hume from the Toronto Star, a big 6-bedroom house across from a woodlot in a superb location, and a townhouse without photos that looks like it may be better than the “triples” we saw yesterday.  If you have any questions about what’s happening with the land nearby, please reach out to us.  We may not know all of the answers, but we know where to get them.  Have a great day!

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