Big shout out to the “Toilet Seat Watchers”… you know who you are!  Today we’ve got 18 listings, including my favourite of the day on Bussel – it’s a big townhouse backing and siding onto a park for $450k.

Also, if you’re selling a home, I’ll explain the right way to get momentum and what type of emotion you want a buyer to feel when they see your home.  And if you’re buying, it’s helpful to know that for every $50 that comes out of your pocket every month, that’s equivalent to a $10,000 amount on a mortgage.  So… if you pay an extra $120 per month in maintenance fees, you could argue that spending $20,000+ extra on a home with no fees would mean almost identical amounts coming out of your pocket every month.  Even though the monthly amount seems relatively small, it can add up quickly.

A few spots left for the Buyer Class, so this is your last chance to sign up.  Here’s the link.

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