Lots of extra info in today’s video, including some advice for newer buyers looking in the $400k or less category, and how a slight budget increase could actually mean they get a substantially better home… plus save them a lot of money over the next ten years.  There’s also some discussion in this episode about the new rules for second/basement suites from Ontario’s Places to Grow plan, and how the local municipalities are creating their own ways of dealing with them.  Also, for every $600 per month, you’re knocking more than $100,000 in carrying cost off of your home.  So if you paid $450,000 and your tenant paid $900 per month, that would feel a lot like you were paying a $300,000 mortgage in “net money”.

There are 11 homes in today’s list, and I’ll show you a surefire way to demonstrate a lack of kitchen storage to your potential buyer, and a home that somebody might consider flipping, but I really wouldn’t recommend it.