Warren Buffett is considered one of the world’s greatest investors, and he receives a 20% annual return on his investments.  Most home sellers have an unbelievable tax-free opportunity to crush that number.  Maybe they won’t do it on a billion-dollar scale, but there’s definitely an opportunity to leverage smart work into an increased sale price, and to easily double or even triple your investment in just a few months.

Along the way, we’ll discuss POTL and the annoying little road fees for some areas, and my Pick of the Day ™ is Bastedo because you get a double garage detached home on a big lot in a very hot area, plus a second basement suite to help with bills if you want.  In the mid-$400’s, that’s a PRIZE when you add it all up.  And if you live in Milton and want to keep up with house values and where the market’s at, request a copy of this month’s Milton Price Report at MiltonPriceReport.com.  Have a lovely day!

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