This may be the first and only time this year when you’ll see a townhouse with NO condo fees under $200,000 in Milton. It’s like seeing a rare dodo bird or something. Is it sexy? Nope. But if you can live with a few things, it’s your lowest priced home in Milton by FAR. In fact, it will probably cost less than most basement apartments.

And if you’ve ever wanted to know what an “in-house outhouse” is, then check out the one-piece washroom on Miles.

Multiple offers? Crazy prices? Horrible photos? Yep, all of that happened while I was gone. Today is the big round up, and I’ll share some news and things I noticed with you at the start of the video.

Also, check out the Milton Buyer Class this Saturday. It should be fantastic, especially with our new class materials.

Oh, and if you want to see my Europe photos, they’re all in this big gallery.  We did a rally along the Amalfi coast, and drove a fleet of Fiat 500’s through Rome.  Add me as a friend if you like, and here’s our team page where we talk about new listings before they hit the market.

Last link… it seems like someone liked our site so much, they stole most of our wording… what do you think about this?

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