Today’s hot pick is a 1200 square foot condo at the Ambassador building on Costigan. The finishes are good, and they did a sweet job targeting their audience. I haven’t always mentioned pet rules in our listings (at least the public facing side), but I think it’s a great idea moving forward.

The double garages in the mid-$600’s are one of the hottest commodities in Milton right now. Why? Because quite a few double garages have jumped up to $700k or higher, and the single garages have been very aggressively increasing. There’s a squeeze effect going on. Giddings should benefit from this. Even though they would get double the exposure by adding $100 to their price.

More good pics on Racey and a starter townhouse on Laurier that are definitely worth a look.

ps – it was tempting to call this post “Doggy Style”, but good judgment won.  Sort of.  🙂

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