Well it turns out that my wife and kids are right and I don’t know everything.

In a transaction that flew under my radar, the property beside 86 Martin is no longer a road allowance… it is owned. For decades it was the former, and in late 2016, it was sold by the town to the owners.

So I apologize for misrepresenting that one. But I still think the property is fantastic.

Congratulations to two incredible clients who bought while I was away. I always say that my team partners are just as good as me, and this week is proof! They were in super duper hands.

Be careful with the assignment on Carr Landing in today’s list, and get ready for a price adjustment on Gosford that will make it more than $100k less expensive compared to Wettlaufer.

We also added a video to Gosford to show it off even better.  And get a sneak peek of this detached home facing a park, hitting the broker MLS today and featured in MDH tomorrow.

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