To see the homes from the ORTIS MLS system, click here.  There’s a renovated Heritage property, and the home on Wettlaufer re-listed for a higher number.

The green button will show you the rest of today’s 31 properties.  Townhouses like Cooper and Porter are now very reachable under $600k, which has to be a welcome change for first-time buyers, who watched these climb up to nearly $700k at the peak of the market.

One of my favourite homes in this list is 317 Powys.  The layout is open, and the high ceilings make it feel like a detached home.  It’s a quiet street, and the hardwood floors are in great shape.

I’m back from our mastermind getaway, and the Buyer Class is tomorrow – I can’t wait to share some great tips and tricks with the group coming.

Finally, be sure to check out our sneak preview video of 448 Tonelli Lane, which should be launching very soon… you get to hear about it first!

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