There’s a house today that might go medieval on you. Or if nothing else, certainly your bank account at a cool $2.5 million. Then it will switch up and be modern. Or maybe both at the same time? Is that possible?

I think that every home needs to target its unique value. What does your home have that nobody else has? And the higher up in the price range you go, the pickier people get… so it becomes even more important in that range.

Also in today’s episode… we have a townhouse under $300k, and an incredibly well-kept home on Shortreed that I sent out yesterday.

There’s also a home in the list that is a prime example of how NOT to do photos … and why are the bathroom mirrors not on the wall? Just show some effort… please!

The home on Wettlaufer has one of my Top 5 favourite floor plans… and I’ll show you why. And the property on Sales Court is basically a DOUBLE lot, where the swimming pool barely makes a dent in the yard… and the views of the Escarpment are heavenly.

Finally… a math test. What is 3% of $14 million? $420,000, which would be your real estate cheque if you had a buyer for 50 acres of future development land. 🙂 That’s almost worth getting a real estate license, just to try to find the buyer. I bet it’s better odds than the lottery!

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