Something changes as we round the corner on the “Santa Claus Parades”.  People move into Christmas mode, but what also happens is the concentration of people who want to buy and/or sell a home goes up, so there are some great matches that can be made between two sets of people who would like nothing better than to be done before the holidays.

We’ve got a battle of Edwards vs. Edwards (our model wins!), plus SUPER deals on Thompson, Shepherd and Ferguson – a four-bed semi under $400k?  Wow.  The last 3 homes are all beautiful inside, but I’m not sure about their pricing.  That’s a tough range right now.

Finally, this is a preview of our newest listing… let me know what you think!  You know about it before ANYBODY else.  By the way, do you ever notice that the harder a listing agent tries to convince you, the less convinced you are?  They may inadvertently be sending the exact opposite message that they were intending.  Welcome back from the weekend!