Welcome back from the weekend!  I had a lovely time at the Ontario Science Centre yesterday.  Highlight was when my youngest daughter held a human bone up to her head and said “Hairband!”

So today we’ve got 21 properties… including one listing that misses the real square footage by about 10%.  Now I can understand a little bit of “rounding up” for the sake of marketing… but this is one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen.  And for the cherry on top, another home in today’s list also features some of the worst property photos of the year.  It would have been better to not put anything.  Oh, well, at least we balance with some “fresh” vibes.

Plus, I’ll share how a buyer can get trapped by comparing LIST prices to make an offer, versus actual SOLD data.  Vanier is my favourite of the day, and with the side-by-side parking, it’s the next best thing to a double garage.