In this episode, I’ll show you a sure-fire way to tell with almost 100% certainty if a home will be in good shape, without even walking inside.

Plus, we’ll talk about longer closings (into 2014) and the right time to list, and I’ll share what a “POTL” property designation means.  There’s a detached home with an inground pool for only $420k that’s sure to attract attention – I’ll show you why it’s priced so low and what to watch for, and there’s a nice looking townhouse on a big big lot just over $425k.

Grand total of 13 properties… and if you’d like to come on a Tour of Milton Homes this weekend, just click the box to the right of today’s video (over there >>>).  It’s a great way to get more familiar with the town and the types of properties within your budget, and it’s really never to early in your home search to begin gathering information.