While the rest of the market appears to be selling like hotcakes, the townhouse on Kennedy Circle has been dragging along and not selling.  It’s so ripe for the picking – a townhouse with a finished basement for under $500k is surprisingly very hard to find these days.

In fact, it’s the theme song for today – just like Bootie Brown, Fatlip, Imani and Slimkid, the world is passing this one by.  No commentary today, Annette my video editor extraordinaire had to get her daughter from school early.

And it’s probably sold by now, but the house on Irving was just wonderful.  Very well-kept.  Especially the basement.

Childs Drive is the same layout that I just sold for $852k (could probably sell even higher now).  Double garages on big lots in the Timberlea area are absolutely white hot right now.  Even though this one is on a busy street, it needs some updating, and it backs onto an “Intensification Zone” that could see up to four-storeys built behind, I think this one is going to get scooped for much higher than asking price on the offer date (June 7th).

Oh and there are two more in the ORTIS list… yes, we have two overlapping MLS systems in Milton, and no it’s not very fun at all.  It’s a huge pain.  Anyway, expect Cavanagh to sell in the low-$500’s.  And Whitmer is the COMPLETELY wrong square footage.  It’s not even close to 1,988 square feet… it’s not even 1,700 square feet.  Don’t believe ANYTHING quoted in a listing unless you can verify it.  The courts call that BUYER BEWARE (“Caveat Emptor”).

Then just for fun, we showed you a random southeast Oakville home so you don’t feel so bad about Milton prices.  🙂  It’s listed as being in Milton, so the listing agent really f*$#ed up.

Client:  “Why are we not getting ANY showings?”

Agent:  “I’m not really sure… maybe the market has slowed down”

NOT.  Double check those listings before they launch!



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