241 Randall gets the Pick of the Day… we already mentioned yesterday how much demand there is to live in Timberlea, and the inground pool should attract attention.  I bet it’s not in fantastic shape for this price, but some buyers prefer that.  No sense buying something with decent finishes if you’re going to rip them all out anyway.

Newell is also a good one, should sell for more than asking (offers are on Sunday night… ugh!).  And Monaghan STILL has the wrong square footage (by a lot), but now there are photos.

111 Mill Street is just north of Main Street in one of the loveliest areas of town.  You could walk to Rotary Park and Mill Pond in about two minutes, and there’s great access to the Farmer’s Market and the shops and restaurants along Main.  It’s really a great lifestyle location.  In fact, you could have a GREAT day, all within walking distance, and today we have your theme song for a Super Happy Fun Day ™.

There’s talk of a condo development at 175 Main Street, but it’s in the low-lying flood plain land a few hundred meters to the east of this property.  The final approval of this project is questionable because Conservation Halton has some pretty serious objections that could shut it down.

Isn’t it good to have someone local who knows about this stuff?  It’s scary to think that agents come from Toronto, Markham and even Mississauga… and they often have NO idea about development.  In an area that’s changing as rapidly as Milton, you want to be aware of EVERYTHING possible, and your odds go up by a lot by using a local agent.

Oh and one last thing… I can’t decide if this is brilliant or a train-wreck.  What do you think?

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