A home with street number “420” deserves some theme music don’t you think? I could think of a few friends from college days that would love to have this street number. Bill Clinton? Sure, but he didn’t inhale.

Despite the location right across from train tracks, I think they have a lot of size for the asking price, and it should shoot up closer to the mid-$500’s when all is said and done.

Another tough location on Armstrong, and there’s a lot of competition right now for single garages – more than we’ve seen in months. Could buyers be getting the upper hand? We’ll find out next week when most of these homes will either be sold, or sitting around wondeirng what happened.

No interior shots on Fraser plus a relatively low price point are a strong indication that it needs some work inside. But at least it has a garage – Lorne Scots chose to delete the garage and add some living space instead.

Finally, I am rooting for Somerville because I have the same floor plan! It’s one of the best streets in Beaty, and the home is sure to impress. Not sure what “custom garage” means, but maybe I’ll have a look on the weekend. 🙂

Join us for a Tour of Homes this weekend if you’re swinging by!

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