One of today’s homes is so far off the mark, I wonder if they made a mistake on their first digit.  Remember that game on The Price Is Right?  “Pick a Number“… it reminds me of that.  And another one claims to be the “best looking in the area”, but unfortunately it’s just not true.  On the bright side, there are some good ones in the list, including a good deal for a 3-storey on Fowles, the semi on Giddings, and Pickersgill is one of my favourite plans (Mattamy Plan 6 2301 sq.ft.) and it’s almost like you get the finished basement for free at the price they’re asking.

Best looking home of the day is Pringle, and if you’d like to get some customized property updates about specific homes that match what you want (in Milton, or even out of town… we can do multiple areas), then visit

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