Today’s episode is all about the “State of The Milton Real Estate Union” address. I’ve never seen a market like this… and I’ll explain what you need to watch for to keep yourself safe.

Sitting on the sidelines also isn’t the best move, considering homes have been appreciating by $1,000 per week for the last year. Most people just can’t save that quickly. By the time moving day comes, you’re usually glad you “only” paid what you did, because the next five afterwards have driven the bar up again and again.

It’s an interesting environment for condo townhomes these days, with rapid price escalation in the last two weeks. I have some insider info about some of the most recent sales that haven’t been reported yet, and all I can say is that the days of selling under $300k may be numbered.

Older neighbourhoods are bringing the heat today, with some great homes on big lots on Woodward, Edison and Williams. My picks for the day are tied between Chambers and Williams. Oh, and check out the pool in the last listing in on Woodend… but those property taxes are a killer.

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