Have you ever seen an iceberg poking out of the water?  What most people don’t realize is that there’s a huge section of that iceberg underneath the water.  Well, the same happens in real estate.  There’s this hidden group of properties – whether they are homes that haven’t sold, or prospective sellers that have raised their hands but aren’t ready yet.  Actually, there are quite a few buyers that are getting their ducks in a row too.  Because we have such huge outreach on both sides of the equation, we hear about stuff sometimes before anyone else.  If you want to share some more about your plans, I might know of a match before it goes “live”.  Just send me a note or give me a call.  We usually make a few matches before the market every year.

So in today’s list, there’s a great building lot on an up and coming street near downtown, plus some nice ravine/greenspace views on two others, and I disagree with the pricing for a few of today’s homes (what else is new!).  It always comes down to, “What else can a buyer get for the same money?”  Hope you enjoy, and it’s always a pleasure and a delight to bring you these videos every single day Monday to Friday.

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