The rare eight offer “Ocho” happened last night on Dills, and the owners were sure happy with how it turned out.

The whole street became observers and a cheer squad, and why wouldn’t they? Their home values probably just shot up quite a bit as a result. It was an honour and a pleasure to help. One of the buyers even wrote a lovely note to the sellers about how much they loved the house. Unfortunately there could only be one winner… otherwise there were at least four other great offers.

Then we have a fixer-upper condo townhouse on Heslop, which looks like an ideal location for future value because of all the great things happening along Bronte Street. Pick of the Day ™ is Auger Terrace.  A smaller home without a finished basement just sold for a little under $800k on an equally good street in the neighbourhood… so they appear to be priced well.

What’s the difference between a Mattamy Plan 1 and a Plan 4? About 700 square feet. What do they have in common? They’re both in today’s list!

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