If you’re someone who can handle the truth, then today’s episode is for you.

One of today’s homes just dropped their price by $100k to $299k, which is just about as low as anything you’ll find in Milton right now. I’ll give you some guesses about why that property has turned over a few times in the last few years.

And then we have a home that decided to raise their price by $40,000… which is completely fascinating to me. So you weren’t selling at your old price, what makes you think raising the price will get the job done?

We call that the Kiss of Death… because it’s seen as illogical and bizarre by most buyers.

Oh, and I’m open to guesses about what those lights are doing in the corners of the master bedroom on Dalgleish. Maybe reading lights?

Have a great weekend, and give us a call if you want the “truth” about your best options. 🙂

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