You may not immediately notice it, but one of today’s homes has a hidden $10,000 bill that you’ll need to pay within a year of moving in.  Yikes!  The scary thing is most buyers don’t budget or negotiate that number when they put an offer in.

So today’s list has 20 properties, including two homes that have identical photos but they’re probably not the same house, and one of the best properties in all of Halton Region, right on top of the Escarpment.  If you ask me, I’d rather save about $3 million-plus and buy this one on Bell School Line (

Plus, we’ll talk about the fundamental difference between Mattamy townhouses and all the other townhouses on the market, and why Milton condo townhouses might be positioned for an upswing in prices based on recent activity.  And at the end of the video, we’ll talk about a way we can get you information about homes faster than MDH, matched to your specific needs.

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