Yes, it’s my birthday. Tomorrow actually. So the girls decorated my office and bought me cupcakes.  We had breakfast at Louie’s, and now I’m here catching up on emails.  🙂

In today’s episode, you’ll see some Mattamy Village Towns listed at prices I’ve never seen before. And even though the new ones just off of James Snow Parkway are a bit bigger, I think they’ll struggle above $400k because they’re missing one thing.  I’ll tell you more in the video.

We’re also talking upstairs laundry, and I’ll give you a really valuable piece of plumbing advice that will save you potentially thousands and a very expensive insurance claim.  And there’s a guest appearance by my former self “munching” on some bacon, aka my neighbour Brian.  Now that’s old school.

There’s also a little surprise that my editor extraordinaire Annette snuck in at the end of the video that includes Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Jack Black, Rihanna, and wait for it ….. Justin Bieber!! (Shake my head)

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