Even though my cold is still lingering, I sucked it up and filmed today’s list.  You didn’t miss much from yesterday, but there are definitely some gems.  The home on Brassard is destroying its competition at the entry point ($300k to $325k) for non-condo houses, and I like the home on Duncan with a keen sense of style, a finished basement and a wall that any kid between 3 and 12 years old would enjoy on a daily basis.  Good value for a detached on Giddings, and one of the best opportunities I’ve seen in YEARS on Derry just west of Bell School Line.  It’s at the base of the Escarpment, on 4 acres, with a nice looking home, winding drive and even a small stream.  Sounds like the house needs work, but it would be a “forever” home for the right buyer… and the views are insane.

Finally, I’ll talk about the “10-to-1 ratio” I’m seeing with Milton homes, and why that’s driving the prices up in a few neighbourhoods.

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