It’s a short list today with only six properties… but it’s about quality, not quantity… right?

The highlight of today’s list is the renovated home on Roseheath.  Click here for all the details.  For $579k, you get a 1600+ square foot home (plus basement) with hardwood floors, a modern kitchen, and a deeper yard.  In the new area, that gets you a townhouse on a smaller lot.

In previous years, we used to call an upwards price adjustment the Kiss of Death.  But in 2016, it’s quite common to see a property re-list and expect a higher price.  And despite the flawed logic of raising the price to improve results, sometimes it actually works!

And the homemade piano shot is back.  This time there’s only one.  Maybe next time we will see some photos of the finished basement.

You’ll notice something special about the doors on Sprague.  It’s not often discussed, but the effect of a full glass door insert can bring the impression points up a LOT for a buyer.  More in the video.


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