I’ve been working with a couple for almost a year now, and I really thought that a home in today’s list on Moorelands would be the one they wanted.  The home has a good layout, the finishes need some updating but nothing too complicated, and the lot is huge with an inground pool.  Classic Timberlea or Bronte Meadows style of home.

The deal breaker?  Well, it’s almost right beside Derry Road.  Lots of road noise.  Not ideal for them.

They struggled with a home on Clover Park about a month ago.  Same issue… it didn’t back directly onto the road, but it was close.  My advice is always the same:

Don’t compromise.  Be 100% sure, not 99%.  Those little things you think you can tolerate today?  They become intolerable in a few years.

Plus, in today’s episode we have a fantastic floor plan and home on Stearn Place in Beaty.  The 56-foot frontage is the largest standard width in “new” Milton, and I have a feeling it will remain that way.  Most people are lucky to see 40-43 feet these days.  From now on, the trend in any new subdivision will be towards higher density.  Building up and building smaller is the way of the world, for quite a few reasons.

Will Wilson break the “baseboard” townhouse record?  I think they have a shot.  More information on baseboard heating in this episode (follow the three other links when you pull it up).

Those other sales didn’t happen during the rapidly escalating energy crisis that’s receiving so much publicity these days.  With hydro bills on the rise (and not coming down anytime soon), will the sale of this property be affected?

And more importantly… will the average Realtor even point it out to their client?  I certainly hope so!

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