I don’t feel like I should have to say this, but if you are linked by your garage…


There. That felt better.

Moving on… we have a couple of “twin” models priced $5,000 apart in today’s list. On offer night, anything can happen. Maybe one sells for $30,000 more. Maybe the sell for the same price. What often happens is the better one will sell for LESS than the not-so-nice one.

There’s a little bit of luck involved, especially in something wrapped in the emotion of a multiple offer situation.

McNeil and Mara are both lovely homes in the Beaty neighbourhood. With the largest lots in the “new” neighbourhoods of Milton, these homes tend to turnover very infrequently. People get in, get settled and stay there for many years.

Mara’s backyard looks pretty sweet. I wonder why they didn’t sell when the pool is open…