So today we’ve got nine properties… and I’m excited to be sending it while the sun is still out.

Have you ever seen the hinged gates between backyards in Mattamy townhouses? Well, there’s a story behind that, and I’ll explain it in the video.

What’s really scary is that most agents either don’t know, or they don’t tell their clients until after the closing date. “Why is that guy walking through my yard?” Because he has a legal right-of-way!

Also, about a year or a year-and-a-half ago, sinks suddenly became sexy. Running water and depth-of-field artistic images of kitchen sinks are now all the rage. If *my* video guy does it, he’ll get a slap. It’s a sink! Water works! Onward!

Farmstead had a “bully offer” within hours of being listed… which is a strong argument for getting instant notice of homes with the MarketWatch system.

And there’s only ONE property that is not holding back on offers in this list… how will you know? Simple, just press play.  OK fine, it’s the one on Bell.  🙂

We’ll be back on Tuesday because Monday is a holiday.  Until then, have fun!

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