stun·ning (adjective)
extremely impressive or attractive

There’s a home in today’s list that has proclaimed itself as “stunning”.  I think the word is chronically misused in real estate.  You be the judge on this one.  🙂

There’s a townhouse on Bronte that’s in a great location …especially if you like to eat out.  There’s a home on today’s list the could have really removed the “connect-a-mats” from their living room floor, and maybe given us a glimpse of a few more of the $100k in upgrades – maybe a few basement shots?

Oh, and we have a couple of new listings launching tomorrow – we’ll give you the heads up on them before anybody else knows they exist.  One is a 3,000 square foot home with a loft and an exceptional home theatre in the basement, and the other is a detached 3-bedroom that could be in a magazine.

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