If your life is lacking in “beauty and warmth”, then apparently Holly will fill those missing voids.  If I want to look at beauty, I’ll look at my wife.  Side note:  We just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary yesterday!

And over the last few days, it isn’t very hard to get warm with 30+ Celsius weather.

The comments in listings are sometimes even more amusing than bad photos.  How about the one on McLaughlin… 1647 Sf Living Area?  The question mark at the end is precarious… maybe it is, maybe it’s not.  Or on Grant Way, we have “Approx Over 1900 Sqft”.  What does that even mean?

But if you DO enjoy interesting real estate photos, check out the front photo on Swann.  Look closely at the base of the tree.  Tell me that doesn’t look like someone Microsoft Painted that soil.  Look how the tree joins up with it…

Also, the one at 88 Laurier looks good in the pictures, but upon closer inspection there are dozens of workmanship issues that I saw when I was going through.  A few years ago I saw the same house on Forbes, and they had a lot of small issues too.  But in full disclosure I haven’t seen it during the current listing period.

Getting back to the good part of the episode… by far the most interesting home of the day is on 316 Pearl Street.  To find anything renovated or rebuilt in the downtown section for $850,000 is very difficult.  Then to have a bungalow is even more rare.  To have the ability to rent or have a second suite with a full walk-out basement is like finding Bigfoot riding a unicorn.  There’s a ton of landscaping and retaining walls, and it’s up on a hill, which makes your views very private.

You can watch the full Pearl video right here.  No commentary today, I just ran out of hours in the day.

Also, it will be interesting to see what Randall sells for.  The last two sales on Randall and Anderson in the mid-$800’s were significantly more renovated, both with pools.

Oh and my dream home is back on 4141 Derry with a $100k price drop.  If you feel like watching my initial love affair with this one, here’s the episode.  Yes, it’s been for sale off and on for a while… pretty normal for rural in this price range.




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