It really hasn’t been a very good week for video commentary, has it?

I’m sitting at the car dealership in Oakville, waiting for an oil change.  Before that, I met with one of the coolest small brokerages in the GTA, focused on investment real estate, and one of the gurus of pre-construction condos in Toronto.  Both of their websites are filled with fantastic information.

See the green button for today’s list.  It’s pretty obvious that Fitzgerald and Cooper are both priced lower than they will eventually sell for.  Meanwhile, the one on Kennedy Circle (not in this list) has been hanging around, and I’m sure someone could scoop it up for a great price.

Brandon Terrace may look nice, but it faces the on-ramp to the 401.  With the long-term potential widening of the 401, I really don’t love the location.  But I do love Willie Nelson, and today’s theme song is one of my all-time favourites.

Do you like how the blue coating on the appliances is half-ripped off on Beaty?  You would think they could have waited a few minutes to take photos and finished that work.  And even though Cedric Terrace is just a few years old, the basement looks like it was built in the 1980’s.

Speaking of which, did you know that people thought housing was overpriced back in the year 1988, too?  Fascinating!  One person even called the average price of a home in the $200’s “disgusting”!  You’ve gotta see this.

We had an agents open house today on Pearl, and a lot of the agents were speaking about Maxted.  I’ll give it today’s Pick of the Day because the Timberlea neighbourhood is on fire right now.  Huge demand and very few homes.  Although a word of caution:  it does back onto Thompson Road, which probably adjusts the value down a few percentage points.  Maybe.  Interestingly enough, there have been quite a few sales over the last few years that have shown ZERO adjustment for the busy street or train tracks that exist very close.

The new Milton Price Report is also live, and you can find the link here.  Find out how much the average home Milton is increasing PER DAY when you click the link.  I was surprised when I found out.

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