Once again, a lot is described as “irregular“, and we’re there to catch it.  Out of all the words in the English language, there’s got to be a better word than “irregular” to describe a property.  If I described somebody I knew to you, and I used the word “irregular”… what’s the word picture in your mind?

It’s funny what we see every day.  Well, besides that, there are two Greenlife condos for sale, with the lowest condo fees in Ontario per square foot (possibly even Canada).  We’ll also talk about how condo/maintenance fees can affect purchasing power, first floor hardwood versus second floor hardwood as a return on investment, and we’ll make an interesting comparison between an end-unit townhouse and a semi-detached in the same price range.

Oh, and a big thank you to all the people who came to the Milton Buyer Class and left a generous supply of food for the Food Bank!  I nearly cried I was so elated.

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