When a home like Woodland is listed for $50,000 to $150,000 below other sales in the area, AND the description talks about it being a handyman special, AND there are no inside photos, I’m either thinking it’s a COMPLETE disaster… or there might be a good opportunity here.

Just be sure to give 24 hours notice for the Tenants.

One of today’s properties is a great option for somebody with limited mobility. “Handicapped” is a field that’s optional on our MLS system… but I really think it should be mandatory. It’s not even marked as “YES” with this home.

Then I’ll finish by discussing what happens when a buyer backs out of a deal. It’s not pretty for either side, but there are a lot of “myth-understandings” out there. Almost as bad as the Fairgrounds being developed, or the perpetual Costco location rumours.

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